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Quantum Debt Collection Agency Software is a full featured debt collection software suite, Quantum has been designed with the debt collector's needs in mind. Easy navigation, integrated credit reports, and some of the most revolutionary features ever developed for debt collection agency software, makes Quantum the next generation debt collection software in the debt collection industry and accounts receivable management (ARM) industry.

Quantum allows you to easily take control of your debt collection business with confidence. It's packed full with features for both collectors and managers, making Quantum standout over competitors. Quantum is simple to learn and use, highly automated, and customizable.

Multi-Platform Multi-Device

Cloud Based & Multi-Device Support

Quantum can easily be accessed from virtually any device such as desktops, iPads, smart phones, laptops, and tablets on multiple platforms including: Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple.

Quantum is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) utilizing Parallels highly reliable and scalable virtual hosting technology saving you significant costs by eliminating the need of dedicated servers and storage, and by reducing per seat hardware costs with the use of thin client based desktops. Setup is very simple and straight-forward, and only takes minutes. Reliability, security, and data backup are all benefits of TrioSoft's® cloud based software.

Cloud Myths Vs. Facts

Myth Fact
Cloud computing is less secure Fact: Cloud computing in many cases is more secure, however it depends on the service provider.
  • TrioSoft's® servers, internal network and cloud connectivity are highly secure and protected by an IPS (Intrusion Prevention Service). Security software constantly updates automatically to protect against the latest threats. Our servers are in a securely locked server room with biometric access for authorized personnel only. You can be confident that our level of protection is greater than anything your corporation can provide internally.
  • Viruses and Trojans on end-user PC's cannot infect VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) cloud based systems by nature because our servers are only exposed virtually.
  • All data transmitted over the internet to and from our servers is fully encrypted and secure. Data transmitted internally to a server on-premises is typically not encrypted. This actually makes TrioSoft's® cloud based software more secure.
  • Your database is completely separate from all other clients protected by security credentials that only TrioSoft® knows. Other users and clients cannot access your data.
Cloud computing is unreliable Fact: This is a matter of perception and varies by service. No system has 100% uptime, and neither does the Cloud. TrioSoft's® cloud system has been designed to be provide high redundancy and availability and has proven to just as reliable as an on-premises server.
  • We have multiple internet pathways for redundancy. If our internet pathway fails, users are automatically rolled over to one of our backup connections.
  • We have multiple Parallels servers for both redundancy and load balancing.
  • We have a backup data server on stand-by.
  • Our servers and internet pathways have maintained a 99.8% up-time for the past 3 years.
Cloud computing is just a fad Fact: "Cloud" is just a new term to describe a concept and technology that has been evolving for years. Cloud computing continues to emerge as a game-changing technology, with high adoption rates and investment.
  • Cloud computing continues to grow and is rapidly evolving to become more secure and reliable
  • Cloud computing empowers small businesses to benefit from enterprise level computing for very low costs
  • The very nature of cloud computing makes it the most cost efficient and scalable solution for any size business

Online Payments

Easily and seamlessly accept online payments using the Quantum Online Payments Portal. There is no website design expertise needed. A simple dedicated URL links your consumers to the online payment portal which is directly integrated with Quantum. Online payments instantly show on the consumers account.

Clients wishing to take a more translucent approach can take advantage of Quantum's online payment API. This allows developers to integrate and accept payments on your website and domain name instead of directing consumers to the Quantum Online Payment Portal website.

Reporting & Analysis

Identifying where you're making money and where you're losing money, it is not only smart business, it's the key component to growing your business. Quantum makes it easy by giving you detailed reports and the ability to assess performance on many metrics, including collector performance, pool performance, and much more.

You even have the ability to easily export report data into multiple formats including Excel for a deeper analysis.

Built-In Softphone and Call Control

Increase productivity with Click-To-Dial, inbound call lookup and automatic outbound regional CID. The Softphone includes automatic call recording that synchronizes right to the consumers account. Click-To-Dial adds speed and accuracy. When used with the Softphone it even automatically uses the closest regional outbound CID from your list of preconfigured CID's (increasing the chances of consumers answering your calls).

All Inclusive “Add-On” Modules - You get it all.

There is no such thing as an “Add-On” with Quantum, unlike most debt collection software on the market, Quantum is an all-inclusive package. Credit reporting, dialer interface, click-to-dial, lettering, an online payment module, and much more are what make Quantum a software suite that is constantly expanding. For a complete list of what is included, see Features.

Predictive Dialer Integration

A dialer is an essential component to any collection agency. Quantum is compatible with virtually any dialer provider such as TCN, CCDS, Global Connect, and many more. Quantum is integrated with TCN®, a leader in the industry. Accounts automatically pop-up on the agent's screen rather than having to toggle screens.

Although Quantum is integrated with TCN, clients can use any dialer service of their choice. We understand our clients like to have a choice of predictive dialer vendors.


The usually difficult task of locating a debtor is easy with Quantum. No exhausting switching back and forth between screens and copying and pasting. With LexisNexis® Accurint® built-in to Quantum, skip tracing is seamless, user-friendly and efficient. Quantum also has built-in internet access to Google Maps and Directory listings for employment skip tracing. Phone numbers and addresses can simply be right-clicked to be imported to the account.

Skiptrace batches with Quantum is also easy using out export and import interface. Batch skiptracing with any service or provider is possible with Quantum.


Quantum's innovations over the last decade has led to increased collections for many of our clients. It doesn't end there, as Quantum is constantly being improved and enhanced. This is what makes Quantum stand out over TrioSoft's® other competitors.

New features and modules are constantly being developed into Quantum. The best part is, there is no additional costs to our clients for these improvements, and they are rolled out seamlessly with no need for upgrades to be performed on individual devices or desktops.

Technical Support

TrioSoft® provides genuine client support to all clients, which is included with all pricing plans for Quantum. Our user friendly support ticket system makes it easy to communicate with support. We understand your business is crucial to you, our response times are usually less than 15-minutes.

There is no charge for technical support for Quantum, and when calling, you will always reach a live actual TrioSoft® employee that is highly knowledgeable of both Quantum and client support needs.


  • NEW: Built-In Softphone with Call Recording
  • Outbound Regional CID Mapping
  • Predictive Dialer/Broadcaster Integration
  • Integration with TCN® for automatic account pop-up
  • Mail, print and e-mail letters with one click
  • Send custom e-mails
  • Click-To-Dial makes dialing fast and accurate (Compatible with Cisco CM/CME and Polycom phones)
  • Unlimited phone numbers per account, over 30 phone types
  • TCPA Compliance
  • FDCPA Compliance
  • State and area code restrictions
  • Automatic time-zone restrictions
  • Inbound Caller Lookup

Reporting & Analysis

  • Over 60 built-in reports
  • Track performance on many metrics, date ranges, etc.
  • Recovery score performance tracking
  • New payer performance tracking by portfolio and by collector
  • Easily assess account profitability and liquidity
  • Performance reports broken down by office group/location
  • Financial Reports
  • Discrepancy Reports
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel, HTML, Word, CSV

Payment Processing

  • Automatic payment reminder letters with any mailing vendor
  • Automatic E-Mail payment reminders
  • Compatible with virtually any credit card processor
  • Compatible with virtually any ACH processor
  • Direct integration with BillingTree® for ACH processing and returns
  • Transaction batches for reconciliation
  • Online payments
  • Telephone payments
  • Easily setup monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly recurring payments
  • Automatic BIN lookup helps agents avoid pre-paid cards
  • Routing number search tool


  • Add Fixed Rate or Flat Rate fees to accounts
  • Automatic interest calculation
  • Export transaction batch detail
  • Bounce prediction reports
  • Client remittance reports
  • Daily deposit balance and detail report
  • Automatic tracking of fees for direct client payments

Document Images and Recordings

  • Attach contracts and billing detail to accounts in PDF format
  • NEW: Call Recording Integration (FTP Upload, Automatically maps to account)
  • Attach phone recordings to accounts
  • Easily e-mail any document or recording to the consumer with a simple click
  • Ability to search accounts with or without contracts
  • Color coding helps identify to the agent that the account has original contract attached
  • Attach documents, faxes, written disputes, e-mails, etc. to accounts
  • Request to have TrioSoft® bulk attach documents to accounts (service charges may apply)


  • 15 letter templates included
  • View letter images of all mailed letters
  • Mail, print or e-mail any letter with a simple click
  • Automatic letters sent for payment reminder notices
  • Send letters in batches
  • NCOA file import
  • Barcode return mail processing
  • Dynamic letter templates

Skip Tracing

  • Built-In LexisNexis® Accurint® interface for real-time skip tracing. Search results are permanently attached to the account, simply click to import contact information (no copying and pasting).
  • Built-In Google Directory and Maps for skip tracing employers
  • True reverse Caller-ID Name lookup
  • Export/Import module for batch processing with any provider such as TLO, LexisNexis® Accurint®, Axicom®, etc.
  • Credit Reports and Triggers are viewed in a proprietary user-interactive format making it easy for users to click to import contact info
  • Experian® Collection Advantage℠ Report
  • Experian® Collection Triggers℠
  • TransUnion® Collection Prioritization Engine Report (CPE)
  • TransUnion® Collection Triggers (Coming Soon)
  • Set budgets for users for skip tracing costs and limit duplicate queries

Human Resources

  • Digital employee tracking system
  • Employee record tracking (disciplinary, recognitions, reviews)
  • Reviews and anniversary date reminders
  • Benefit (PTO, Vacation Time, Sick-Time, Personal Time) tracking and docking
  • Benefit accrual plans are completely customizable
  • Attendance tracking and reporting
  • Customizable tardy accrual tracking
  • Attendance threshold warnings
  • Occurrence based tracking on 3 levels (behavior, performance and compliance)
  • Occurrence threshold warnings
  • Employee portal for time-off requests, viewing of benefits and occurrences
  • Attach documents to employee records
  • Review score tracking and reporting
  • Pay level history and tracking

Scheduling, Strategies, and Workflows

  • Schedule follow-up reminders on accounts
  • Design work strategies (Quick Queues)
  • Design workflow batches to sweep accounts when a certain criteria is met
  • Simple reports and queue overviews ensure accounts never slip through the cracks
  • Assign accounts to users based on scoring, aptitude, language, and much more
  • Distribute or reshuffle accounts homogeneously by portfolio/client and balance


  • Automatic time-zone blocking (8am-9pm)
  • TCPA compliance by identifying cell phones based on Caller ID name and NPA/NXX
  • Full logging and audit trails, never purged
  • Call statistics help reduce harassment
  • Color coded SOL and Credit Reporting life indicators
  • State level and area code account viewing restrictions
  • State level letter blocking
  • Track written and verbal disputes
  • Block account viewing by account status
  • Automatic payment draft notices
  • Fully PCI Compliant
  • Fully NACHA Compliant

Software Agility

  • Cloud based using 2X® highly reliable and scalable virtual hosting technology
  • Cloud based
  • Simple software setup and installation
  • Continuous development of new features, new modules and enhancements
  • Multi-device and multi-platform support (runs on PCs, Tablets, Smart Phones, and more)
  • Seamless automatic software updates
  • Rapid response time to support issues

So Much More...

  • Built-In credit reporting module easily allows you to credit report to all 3 credit bureaus
  • Highly customizable search engine includes the ability to search consumer credit attributes and much more
  • Highly versatile dialer builder with adjustable compliance thresholds
  • Display productivity dashboards on large flat-screens
  • Home page displays company and individual performance standings, daily payment and bounce activity, and more

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